We attribute our excellence in offshore information services from our sound work philosophy, reliable team deployment model, and a strong dedication to quality

Work Philosophy

Data Gateway Philippines believes in the importance of efficiency through the wise use of resources: our team, our collective talents and our client relationship. Our operational excellence has made us a prime challenger in the information services industry. Our long-running collaborative relationships with our clients have enabled us to deliver timely, high-quality abstracting and indexing services that exceeds offshore clients’ expectations.

Teamwork, passion, a sense of family, and optimism resonates in Data Gateway Philippines’ nurturing work environment.

Critical thinking skills succeed in small yet focused teams under results-oriented management. The flexibility in work schedules allows work-life balance — enhancing the employees’ enthusiasm for both their jobs and their personal endeavors.

Team Deployment Model

Our employee recruitment and training processes allow us to deploy only the most competent and dedicated team members from all over the Philippines. This is aligned with our vision of creating intelligent teams that function with an adequate amount of autonomy.

Upon completing the assessment of project requirements, we organize a pioneer team by carefully selecting from our existing senior editorial analysts and content specialists. They begin training on client specifications that would enable them to achieve full-production status within 30 days.

We will also organize an in-house quality team that includes our most experienced quality auditors to ensure that all processed content comply with standards set by us and by our offshore clients.

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Quality Program

The company’s quality program is anchored on a two-level quality strategy: quality control (QC) and quality audit (QA). Quality assurance is emphasized as a corporate core value along with production efficiency.

Our quality team develops comprehensive quality control measures to supplement our clients’ quality assurance programs. This includes intensive employee training, client feedback analysis and relay, in-house sampling, and scoring systems. Our new hires undergo training programs that include general and project-specific skills building. Periodically, we facilitate skills enhancement activities to ensure quality performance levels keep on improving as the project progresses.

This progression of training, continuous feedback, and skills improvement all contribute to our goals for higher efficiency and higher quality of our abstracting and indexing services.

Data Gateway Philippines in Photos

Data Gateway Philippines in Photos