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Data Gateway has non-disclosure agreements with all of its existing clients. Below are brief descriptions of some of its key projects. This presentation is made for the purpose of illustrating relevant processing experiences in relation to Data Gateway’s capabilities, without compromising the company’s existing agreements.

Patent Abstracting
Data Gateway creates clear, concise and informative abstracts from highly technical patent documents and patent applications downloaded from various online resources. The scope of these patents encompasses engineering, computing, food sciences, hygiene and toxicology, biotechnology, human nutrition, and food packaging.
Company Profiling
Data Gateway has gained expertise in creating comprehensive company profiles and business descriptions from financial reports and other corporate documents placed by publicly traded companies on their Websites, or from company filings that can be obtained in the online resources of various securities exchanges.
Chemical Abstracts
This project involves the creation of original business abstracts from articles sourced from published periodicals in the chemistry and allied industries. Source materials are hardcopy magazines and journals as well as online subscription sites, while output files are in SGML-tagged format.
Consumer Health Abstracts
Data Gateway creates health abstracts from source articles in published medical journals, newsletters, general interest magazines, medical schools and hospital publications, and bulletins. Data Gateway taps its experience in processing articles from various subject areas to obtain only relevant and objective information from source articles, and subsequently come up with informative abstracts used as reference by just about anyone interested in health information.
Engineering Abstracting and Indexing
Editorial work for the creation of Engineering Abstracts involves data capture, intelligent indexing and abstracting of highly technical source materials with subject coverage encompassing physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and information technology. A proprietary software developed in-house is used in the creation of these abstracts, and comprehensive production systems are in place to give Data Gateway the flexibility to process source materials either in hardcopy or electronic form.
Periodical Indexing
Editorial work for this project involves indexing and abstracting of thousands of internationally published trade and academic periodicals, as well as all regional newspapers in the US for a reputable business and news database, utilized by University libraries and business communities throughout the world.
Copyediting of Conference Papers
Editorial work for this project involves the copyediting of engineering papers submitted for conference proceedings.
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