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Data Gateway is committed to providing deliverables that meet and eventually surpass client expectations. The company’s quality program is anchored on a two-level quality strategy: quality control (QC) and quality audit (QA). With several active projects, quality assurance is emphasized as a corporate core value because along with production efficiency, it is the primary leverage with which we can ensure client satisfaction.

Our Corporate Quality Benchmarks form part of the core values that the company offers to all its prospective and existing clients. These encompass the level of quality that the company is committed to achieve and maintain in all aspects of its production processes.

Accuracy 99% Accuracy:  Biblio Entries 99%
Grammatical Integrity 99% Accuracy: Keywording 98%
Consistency 99% Scope/Substance 95%
Scope/Substance 96%

Our corporate quality team develops comprehensive in-house quality control measures to supplement our clients’ quality assurance programs. The prescribed quality program primarily includes client feedback analysis and relay, and in-house sampling and scoring. Our in-house software development efforts provide us with an extensive set of tools to process your data with precision. Quality auditors facilitate both project-specific and company-wide skills enhancement activities to ensure progress in the company’s overall quality performance levels. The quality audit software interface generates the sample, which scores the quality level of the indexer based on index terms and classification codes. Reporting and monitoring are components that characterize the Quality Control and Audit program.
As an example, the quality measures for Data Gateway’s largest project include: auditing the main point, annotations, headings, as well as the completeness of processing the materials. Each area’s accuracy target is marked at 95%, except for hitting the main point—marked at a higher percentage— 99%. Data Gateway’s Editorial Analysts average at 99.74% when it comes to hitting the main point, and 96.23% for completeness.
The corporate quality team ensures timely and active correspondence with the clients, allowing feedback for improvement in quality performance. Data Gateway Philippines consistently receives A or A- ratings from clients. Below is an actual statement from our client:

“The overall group average of 99% is the best result since the project started! I understand that there was a big production push so QC may have been sacrificed. But when quality is this good, it is hard to argue with that decision! Abstracts are very good, especially the long ones.”

As a natural progression of training, continuous feedback, and skills improvement, Data Gateway continuously pursues higher efficiency and higher quality. Know more about how Data Gateway fulfills its core mission to focus on and deliver high quality.

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